JRA – Save This (ORIGINAL)

  • 2022.11.24
  • JRA
JRA – Save This (ORIGINAL)

JRA – Save This (ORIGINAL)

YEE! A new original! 🙂

This song is about an individual who feels as if they’re the only person in the relationship putting any effort/energy into it. I guess you can say that this is their cry for help.

(As you can see in the video, there are a few “off sync” moments. I was in a rush to get this video out to YOU. Sorry about the sloppiness.)

Hope you enjoy! 🙂

I’ve read this book before
I already know how this’ll end
Now I can’t take this anymore
I’m about to throw the towel in

You see I
I wish we could go back to
back to the time
the time when we first met and i asked
do you really want to do this?

Cause I can’t fight anymore
I’m already halfway out the door
Can’t you feel this
feel this breaking down

& I can see the end
I just can’t believe it’s happenin’
Do you hear me
i think its about time that you save this.

Why can’t you see this
See that we’re drifting apart
Leaving no hope in my heart
I know we’re far from perfect
but could you show me that I’m worth it
to you

i know that I should move on
But I just can’t be that strong
without you
i’ve given you my all
but it’s not too late
to make this change
i’m beggin’

Thanks to Kat Madamba for shooting!